2008 / ENSCI-Les Ateliers Under the direction of J. L. Frechin
Commissioner: SFR (french mobile network operator and internet service provider)

Linkubik is a data management system. It is based on the Web3.0 new dynamic of research, the semantic web. While easing the creation of links, tags and smart folders, Linkubik offers a search bar to be filled with keywords by the user. Those keywords are associated with user's data according to his logic. The user can then use multiple search paths to access a file.

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Conventional filters of research can be used through a cursor. The interface changes according to the selected search filter: frequency, date, contact, and type. To create tags and to link files, the user activates the CreaTags feature. The screen is divided in two parts: the left side displays the file to be enhanced with new links, and its existing ones. The browser is locked. On the right side, the browser is active and allows the search for relevant content to link. The user drags and drops the file to be linked from the right to the left of the touch screen. Both files are now connected to each other.

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The data research process in Linkubik mainly works by typing keywords, so the Linkubik device has a physical keyboard. Typing text seems easier with both hands. Its trapezoidal shape and the several embedded technologies arise from this gesture with both hands. Free HTML5 by